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5 Questions about Google Ads for Therapists

In one of our previous posts, we explained why Google Ads is the best marketing channel for therapists and coaches. However, you may still have some doubts and questions about running Google Ads campaigns for your therapy practice. So, we decided to put them together and provide specific and exhausting answers to them. Hopefully, they will help you understand what running Google Ads for your business entails!

Question 1: When should I start a Google Ads campaign?

The short answer is when you have at least six or seven regular clients, and you want to grow. Google Ads requires a significant investment, so we don't recommend this strategy if you're just starting out and/or you have a limited marketing budget.

We want to be fully upfront here: Investment in Google Ads starts at around $1,500 per month (this estimate is for the Canadian market; the budget for the US might be a bit lower)

If you cannot afford that kind of investment and keep it running for at least two months before you get your first clients, there are better and cheaper ways to start a therapy practice.

You can read about them in this blog post: How to get first therapy clients.

At this point, you may wonder: Can I start with a smaller budget? The answer is two-fold:

  1. On the one hand, you can lower your budget a little. If you're willing to spend at least $1,300 per month for the ad budget and marketing agency's fee, you should be good to go. Plus, there is a location question involved as well; some locations will be cheaper to run ads.

  2. On the other hand, you need a budget that's sufficient to bring enough traffic to your website. Take a look at these calculations:

The CPC (cost per click) rate can be between $1.50 and $10 (depending on many factors)

With a $30 budget per day (~$1,000 per month), you can get about 10-15 clicks every day.

That gives you from 300 to 500 clicks per month.

And that's the smallest statistically significant number that allows us to:

  • Optimize your ads

  • Test different approaches, ads, and ad groups

  • Ensure constant traffic coming to your website every week

Question 2: What costs are involved with Google Ads?

In general, there are two major costs you need to consider:

Advertising budget

That's the cost that goes directly to Google for displaying your ads. The CPC cost that we mention above is directly associated with your advertising budget. To get it, Google charges your credit card.

Management fee

If you decide to work with a marketing agency for therapists such as FullyBookedPros, you also have to pay monthly service fee. For this fee, we set up your Google Ads account and run and optimize it on a daily basis so that you can get the best possible results from Google Ads.

google ads for therapists - costs

Our service fees start at $499 per month.

What about other costs?

Depending on your situation, there can be involved other costs, such as:

  • Domain and hosting

  • Website design and development

  • Graphic design

Sometimes, though, if you already have a really good website, and there's no need to do anything about it, all you need to pay is the advertising budget and the service fee.

Question 3: How do I know if my Google Ads campaign is effective?

Here, again, the answer is two-fold. First off, we provide all our clients with monthly reports and even more frequent updates, so that you know what's going on with your account.

Secondly, we implement something called conversion tracking. It's a mechanism that involves other Google tools (Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager), allowing us to track the results of our campaigns, not just views and clicks but also so-called conversions that are bookings from new clients. At the end of each month, you get information from us on how many people booked a consultation/therapy with your business thanks to Google Ads (with conversion tracking, we can only track bookings that come from Google Ads, not other channels/sources).

conversion tracking in Google Ads

Put these two points together and you have a clear information on what ROI (return on investment) your Google Ads campaign is producing.

Question 4: How many bookings will I get?

The answer to this question depends on your budget, your offer, and the quality of your website. Consider this example: Suppose you have a fantastic website and well-optimized ads, but your prices are well over market standard (let's say you charge $400 per session).

In such a situation, many potential clients won't be able to afford your services, and therefore, they won't book with you, even if Google Ads did its job, right? You need to understand that Google Ads is not a lonely island; this strategy exists within your business and it needs to be aligned with other aspects of your therapy practice.

However, if your website is well-designed, has sales-boosting elements, and your offer is attractive to potential clients (e.g., you don't overcharge and have all the necessary qualifications), you can expect around 12 bookings per every $1,000 of your advertising budget.

Please note, however, that it's just an estimation and for the Canadian market only. And don't forget there are other factors at play, especially how many people are looking for services in your area.

Moreover, it may take some time to get to this result, usually after two or three months of setting everything up and optimizing your account.

Question 5: Can't you just set up my Google Ads account and let it run?

We love a stock market reference a lot. Can't you just invest money in the stock market and let it grow? :) You sure can, but likely you won't make much money, right? That's because the stock market is a living thing; there are many factors at play, and you need to monitor what's going on and react to changes.

It's the same story with Google Ads. Rates change, new players come to the table, old players change their strategies, performance of specific keywords and ad group varies. We need to monitor all those changes and react to them so that your account is well-optimized, not just at the beginning but all the time.

Plus, it's really important to run tests and experiments to find opportunities to make the most of your campaign. And tests take not just money but time as well.

So, if you want to be sure that your campaign is running at full speed, you need to monitor and optimize it on a regular basis. Take a look at this checklist on our website: There are over 40 optimization tasks we need to perform daily/weekly/monthly to ensure everything is going in the right direction.

Google Ads checklist for therapists

Wrapping up: Google Ads for therapists

We hope this short guide answered some of the questions you had about running Google Ads for your business. If you'd like to know more, don't hesitate to reach out! We're happy to provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision on whether you should start a Google Ads campaign or not.

We invite you to a free and non-binding initial consultation with us!

Looking forward to working with you!

Monika & Mike


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