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Google Ads for therapists

potential clients are looking for you
on google. Make sure they can find you!

Google Ads is the fastest and easiest way of getting in front of your desired audience. We create and optimize Google Ads campaigns so that you get more bookings.

Google Ads for therapists, psychologists and coaches

If you run a therapy/coaching business, Google Ads is the fastest way to reach potential clients and get more bookings. Usually, it's the only sales channel you need! Discover our bulletproof strategy:


We target especially the bottom-of-the-funnel keywords and key phrases to reach clients who are ready to book therapy.

Landing pages for mental health professionals

We lead potential clients to super-specific landing pages devoted strictly to a service/type of therapy/coaching they are interested in. 

Copywriting for therapists

We craft compelling client-focused ad copy encouraging your potential clients to take action NOW!

Grow mental health business

We continually monitor and optimize your campaigns (including conversion tracking) to ensure they keep generating the best results possible.

I tried Google Ads. Didn't work :(

The truth is, Google Ads is not a magic wand. If your website/offer is poor and your ads are not optimized, you won't succeed on Google (or anywhere else). In order to turn Google Ads into a lead-generation machine, you need to take care of several things. Take a look at the common problems with Google Ads:

Advertising budget for Google Ads


There are thousands of companies advertising on Google. You need a sufficient ad budget to be visible enough to get more clients.

Typically, you need an ad budget of at least $1,000 per month.


Our experience shows about 80% of campaigns on Google are set incorrectly or not optimized. If you want to make the most of Google Ads, you need to optimize your campaigns on an on-going basis.


Lastly, many campaigns underperform because of poor copy or the low quality of the landing page. With Google Ads, everything is interconnected; that's why we always examine and work on the big picture.

Work with us, and we will help you make the most of your account and campaigns!

Your roadmap to successful Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads audit
Google Ads stages
Conversion tracking
Google Ads stages

First, we audit/set up your Google Ads account along with other vital accounts.

We set conversion tracking and Google Analytics to ensure we get all the traffic data we need.

After 24-48h your campaign goes live and soon, you will see first bookings! After each month, you get a report showing how your campaign performs along with our growth recommendations.

We structure your account appropriately and create campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

Google Ads stages
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