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5 Questions About Websites For Therapists

If you're just starting out with your private practice, one of the very first things to consider is your website. Do you really need it? What should be on it? What CMS should you use? These (and two more) are vital questions that really affect both your website's and your PP's performance! So, let's get them answered! If you're thinking about designing a website, start here!

Question 1: Do I really need a website for therapist?

If you want to grow your business - yes. Website is not just necessary for your potential clients to get to know you and trust you, it's also mandatory when it comes to almost all marketing strategies out there.

Whether you are planning on doing Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or SEO, you need a website! Plus, with a website that allows easy bookings, you can get new clients 24/7 and provide them with an easy and convenient way of reaching out to you.

Question 2: Who should design my therapist website?

In general, you have three options here:

  • Do it yourself

  • Hire a freelance web developer/designer

  • Hire an agency

All those options have their pros and cons. If you design your website yourself, you'll most likely spend quite some time doing that, but you'll save some money, too. If you hire an agency, you'll pay more, but you have access to more services, so you can also introduce marketing to your PP.

Basically, the question depends on two questions:

  1. How much time you have (to design and develop your own website, to learn how to do so, etc.)

  2. How much money you have (can you afford to invest in a freelancer/company that will design your website for you?

Many therapists think that working with an agency is expensive so they discard this option even without checking the actual prices. And that's true, agencies can be very expensive, but it doesn't mean that this is a bad option. You just need to look for an agency that's within your budget range.

Here at Fully Booked Pros, our web design services start at just $999, so we encourage you to reach out if you're looking for a budget-friendly solution.

Working with us on your new website comes with several important benefits:

  1. We understand your niche; we have a PP of our own so we speak your language

  2. We look long-term at your website - we'll help you design and create a website that's ready for marketing and is more than just a digital business card

  3. We offer marketing services as well, so that you can work with us to grow and scale your therapy business.

Question 3: What CMS should I pick?

That's a big decision; you will have to stick to your CMS for many months and perhaps even years. This abbreviation stands for content management system, and it's basically an online platform where you can design, edit, update, and publish your website online. It's an all-in-one management dashboard for your website.

When it comes to the most popular CMS platforms out there, you have the following options:

CMS for a therapist website

Not all those CMS platforms are good for a therapist's website. For example, Shopify is strictly for e-commerce websites. If you want a standard website, your choice basically comprises:

  • WordPress

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

The latter two are so-called no-code platforms, meaning you can design your website from scratch without writing a single line of code (all you need is a built-in drag-and-drop editor). Both are good if you want to develop or at least manage and update your website yourself.

WordPress is also a very good platform, but it requires more technical expertise. If you want to design your website yourself, you'll spend far more time trying to master WP compared to Wix or Squarespace.

There is one more thing you need to know - both Wix and Squarespace are paid (around $200 per year), while WordPress is technically free to use.

Here at Fully Booked Pros, we can help you design your website in all three CMS platforms depending on your preferences. However, if you're thinking between Wix and Squarespace we definitely recommend Wix. It gives you more customization options, is more flexible (e.g., Wix doesn't have this grid that Squarespace imposes on all users), and has more user-friendly dashboard.

Question 4: What should be on my website?

If you are a therapist, it's good to structure your website in three different ways. This has a lot to do with the way people look for mental health services on Google (we assume you'll want to grow your visibility on Google at some point, right?).

Your website should clearly address:

  • What kind of therapy services you offer (e.g., CBT, EMDR, psychodynamic therapy, etc.)

  • What kind of conditions you treat (e.g., anxiety, depression, burnout, etc.)

  • What kind of client you work with (e.g., individual therapy, couples therapy, teen therapy, etc.)

This way, depending on what your potential clients are looking for on Google, they can find you because your website can be promoted to both the client looking for EMDR therapy or the one looking for help with their anxiety.

Apart from a search-optimized structure, you should have some sales-boosting elements that will encourage potential clients to reach out to you. In the therapy world, that's usually a free initial consultation. Give your potential clients to book such a free, non-committal call, and you will see that getting more clients is easier.

Our experience shows that around 80% of all clients start therapy with a free consultation. Don't send those clients away!

Lastly, your website should build trust towards you as a therapist. Design it so that people visiting it feel nice and welcome. Talk about your experience and willingness to help. You can also mention some of your personal experiences from the past to make yourself more authentic. And photos; they are VERY important. Your website should have photos both of you and your office. You can also add some relevant stock images but don't go overboard with them.

We've just scratched the surface here, but these are the things you need to consider when designing a website for your PP.

Question 5: What should I do with my website once its ready?

The shortest answer is start marketing. We help our clients through Google Ads, Google Maps, and SEO. All those activities require a website. Of course, you may need to implement some changes to your website or at least to integrate it with Google tools, but this is something we can do for you.

Once your website is ready, the best thing to do is put it to work by promoting it wherever you are with your business. You can start Google Ads and SEO, but also promote your website on social media (e.g., on relevant Facebook groups) and in other places online (e.g., business, local, and therapy communities).

Keep this in mind: A website on its own will not give you many new clients. Do achieve that, you need a marketing channel that can bring you a constant stream of new bookings. That's what we do here at Fully Booked Pros.

Do you want to know more? Book a free consultation with us, and let's talk! :-)


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