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grow your mental health business
get clients on auto-pilot

Benefit from a proven 3-step process that gives you a constant stream of new bookings


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Marketing for therapists and coaches:
Our 3-step strategy to grow your business

To grow your therapy/coaching business, you need an effective marketing strategy that will get more potential clients through your door on a regular basis. Discover our process:

Websites for therapists

First, we work on your brand - we optimize your website's structure, offer, and copy to make it attractive to potential clients. We may also tweak other elements if needed, e.g., design new landing pages.

Google Ads for therapists and coaches

Next, we set up your presence on Google using Google Ads and local SEO strategies so that potential clients can easily find you. We also configure analytics for your website to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns.

Optimize mental health business

Growth & Optimization

The last step is ongoing optimization - we continually work on your presence online to generate the best results - a constant stream of new bookings so that you can easily grow your therapy/coaching business.

See our success stories!

Improvement of the existing account and campaigns. Lowered CPC, improved clicks, conversions, and CTR. ROAS over 7.

Google Ads set up from scratch. 10+ bookings per month after just 3 months of cooperation with a limited budget.

Zero to six figures in less than 2 years thanks to Google Ads and referrals.
15-25 bookings per month.

A strategy designed with you in mind! 

We don't work with everyone. We do marketing for psychotherapists and coaches we can help based on our knowledge and experience. We work with such professionals because we know how to boost such
a business - regularly and on auto-pilot.


We help psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, family therapists, and other mental health pros grow and scale their practice on a regular basis.


We work with life, wellness and business coaches to scale their businesses and get clients on auto-pilot - month after month.

Marketing for therapists and coaches
Google Ads for therapists and coaches

We can't wait to boost your business!

Together, we will help you scale your business and put getting new clients on auto-pilot.


Mike Zoladkowski

I'm a digital marketing specialist and copywriter with 12+ years of experience in various sectors, including mental health services. I will design your website, setup, and optimize your presence on Google so that you GET RESULTS. It's time to boost your therapist marketing!

Monika Zoladkowska

Monika Zoladkowska

I'm a psychotherapist and educator with 13+ years of work experience with adolescents and adults. I've been running my private practice for over 2 years now. I will make sure your campaigns and your website resonate with your target audience.

  • How can you be sure this strategy works?
    We have over 12 years of experience in digital marketing. We are certified in Google Ads, SEO, and copywriting. We put together all the elements you need to succeed online and enjoy a constant stream of new bookings. However, you always have to keep in mind that there are dozens of factors at play, and sometimes finding the perfect combination that resonates with your target audience can take some time. Check our success stories.
  • When will I see the first results?
    First, we need to make sure your website is optimized for sales. The first part of our work can take up to 2 weeks (on average). Next, we fire up your Google accounts. Once this stage is on, the first bookings can come as shortly as within a few days. However, we always advise our clients to give a few weeks (two months minimum) for the campaign to jumpstart. It has a lot to do with the way Google works. Their algorithms need to have time and enough data to hone in on your campaign. Plus, Google can take up to 2 days to approve the new campaign, especially in the healthcare sector. Every time, we do whatever we can to get your campaign up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Do I have to commit long-term?
    No! We can sign a cooperation agreement with just one-month termination period.
  • Who owns the website/Google accounts?
    You! We act as managers of your accounts, but throughout the whole cooperation, you maintain full control and ownership of your accounts as well as your website. We believe it's the only fair option, keeping you behind the steering wheel.
  • How do I know the ads you're going to run are good?
    First off, we have a broad copywriting experience. We've written thousands of ads for Google and other advertising platforms. But we fully understand that you want to know what's going on with your ads. That's why, before your campaign goes live, we have a short online meeting during which we go through every single element of your campaign. If you don't like any element of the campaign, we are happy to adjust it to your requirements! 😊
  • What CMS systems do you use?
    Currently, we're working with WordPress and WIX. In the future, we're planning on expanding to other CMS systems. However, if you're looking for a website for your practice, WP and WIX are more than enough, as both systems are safe, efficient, and flexible, enabling us to shape your website exactly the way we need to get you more business.

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